Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Little About My Story

Here is a brief summary of my story in its current form. This thing is evolving regularly, and I am going to have to find a way to focus it. Anyway, here it goes.

My story is about a young woman named Pippa, 18-20ish, who has to wield a powerful weapon to defeat an evil man and the army he has created. With the proper tools, this man can use the weapon's magic to take over the world.

I created several classes for characters to belong to, and the people receive training based on their abilities, magical or not. It is similar to Druid, Ranger, Warrior, etc., but some of these abilities are different and I have created different names, but I believe it will be easy to recognize the similarities, and therefore, easy to relate.

The MC does not having any training from one of the formal academies because her class is so rare that the last time one of her class existed was a long time ago (I haven't decided how far back that should be yet), and it was an ancestor. As such, her mother and uncle have trained her for this class as best they could based on the history. She understands the responsibilities she must endure.

However, the evil man has already stolen the weapon from her house, and she has to get it back before he discovers how to use it. This man has also stolen the main tool he needs to be successful, and is also trying to figure out how to use that. In the process, she must discover how to use it herself, and she enlists the help of people from other parts of the world in her quest.

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