Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Falling Off the Face of the Planet

So I've disappeared for a bit, given all the computer difficulties. I have to figure out a way around the problems I keep having, and I'm not sure how that's going to happen, but I'll get there. What I am debating right now is whether I want to order a cheap laptop, and whether I should tell the husband before or after it arrives.

I've wanted a laptop for a long time, and this a great time to get one. I can back up all the data from my desktop and wipe it, while enjoying the comforts of still having a computer to use. Not to mention I can write while sitting next to the husband on the couch while he watches some TV show that I can nothing about.

And a thanks to Frank Baron for posting a comment and here, which prompted a comment to myself along the lines of, "Hey Dummy! Yeah you. The blog is feeling neglected so get over there and write."

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Crap Happens, Multiple Times

This past weekend and the weekend before I was looking forward to a great many things.

The weekend before last I had silently planned this writing marathon. Five thousand words in the course of a weekend, which is a lot of words for me. I didn't have much else on the agenda, so I figured it would be a great thing to do. Friday night as I am cooking dinner, I have my email up so I can browse and clean out the stuff I'm not keeping. I get up to stir what's cookin' on the stove and come back to a blue screen of death. Unmountable Boot Volume. Joy, oh wondrous joy.

Then I can't find the recovery disk that came with the computer. I've had it out before. I took it to my Mother-in-law's to try to fix her computer one day. Sometime after that it vanished. Then I realize I have another XP Professional disk that I bought to upgrade the other computer I have which I probably never see again because my brother won't bring it back.

I pop that disk in and then I get to the part where I need a password. And for some odd reason I actually set a password. Now I'm trying to recall what the password I set in 2003 might be. In the meantime, I keep searching for my original disk because the kind people over at Absolute Write gave me some tips & tricks.

Finally, frustrated beyond belief, I load the other disk. It takes two tries, but I eventually get my computer to load up.

Positive side: My data is intact and I can access my email.
Negative side: It seems that every piece of Microsoft software that I tried to utilize in the two spare minutes I had before leaving for work will not work. No Word. No Internet Explorer. And I need to download SP2 again.

So now I'm thinking that I shall order an external hard drive, wipe my computer clean and start fresh. No point in fixing all the programs. I just hope I don't have to do registry stuff, as I have no experience what-so-ever with that. Ah well, it's about time for another computer anyway.