Sunday, February 27, 2005

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello and welcome! The main purpose of this blog is to share my progression in writing my first novel, providing you with an interesting read, and for me, the motivation to work harder to focus my writing.

Of course, by the title, I intend to include other aspects of my life where appropriate. Joys, frustrations, triumphs, and failures. Anything interesting actually.

More to come tomorrow. My spelling has become horrible, so I must be tired. Off to hit the sack!


shugar said...

Good luck with the novel and the blog! I joined Absolute Write a few day ago and just snuck in for a quick peek. And now I'm looking at your blog....I'm planning on writing a novel too, debating on a blog, but when will I ever write that!

Have fun!!
"shugar" member at Absolute Write.

TJWriter said...

Thanks, I hope to see you at AW as I am persistantly there. Much to the dismay of others such as my husband. I was inspired to blog my activities by Holly Lisle, you can find her link in my links section. It should motivate me to be more focused with the novel, or at least that is my goal.