Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finding Time for Me, or Incorporating Realistic Writing Goals

I sat the other day reviewing the things I've wanted to do in terms of writing. It's been hellacious in this house lately, and I feel like I've put myself on the back burner. I'm past exhausted, and it's starting to show. But, what better way to energize myself than come up with some simple and completely achievable writing goals? Feeling the failure from not reaching other goals, I picked a slow, steady pace. So in no particular order, here are things I'd like to be doing.
  • Novel - Write 500 words or more every morning. Shouldn't be too hard for me so long as I'm not stuck on it. I can spit out words pretty quickly.
  • Short Stories - Reserve Tue & Thu evenings for working on shorts. Doesn't matter if I'm writing, editing, or submitting so long as it's shorts.
  • Blogging - Reserve Mon, Wed, & Fri evenings for blog entries. Also, I plan to take my posts to the next level and up the content a notch.
  • Saturdays - Planning, research, and similar tasks. All those little things I need to do wrapped into one day.
  • Sundays - Extra writing time and the Flash Fiction Challenge every Sunday.
  • Freelance - I'd like to dabble in freelance, building some writing credits and making a little extra money every month. Problem is that I'm waiting for clearance from work. They have to approve all for-profit work outside of the company.

I'm hoping that I'm not overloading myself here, but in theory, I'm thinking that each evening will have a half an hour or so devoted to writing. We'll see. It's worth a shot. I've been feeling like I'm neglecting myself, and it's making me unhappy. I need time for me.