Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Long Pause

So, I haven't written much lately here or on my novel. I was sick two weeks in a row with different ailments. That was not too much fun. Someone remind me to stay away from everyone. It's also the crunch time of the semester. So many things to do and sooooo little time. I am behind needless to say and more things happen.

I went to the
AITP Collegiate Conference. I didn't place in anything, but had a good time, hanging with the guys. I was the only girl so I didn't have much of a choice. However, the laptop the school provided for us to compete with provided a good opportunity to transcribe the portions of the novel I'd written by hand.

So far this past week, my husband's grandfather had open heart surgery. My husband's grandparents pretty much raised him, so they are all close. It went well, and he's recovering extremely well. The doctor wanted to send him home two days after the surgery, but he opted for a third day to work on his mobility. He's home now and in great spirits. My mother said it best when she said, "Attitude is everything."

On a more depressing note, a guy my husband's age and schoolmate died when we were at the hospital for the surgery. It was a very sad incident. When I returned from the trip mentioned above, my mother informed that a guy I hung out with several years ago died in a
helicopter crash in Afghanistan. That isn't the best article, but it gives the basic information. It all has me more than a little sad.

Hopefully I can begin working on my novel again soon.