Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So I am finished with college. Forever. No more school work. Until I decide to go back and get another degree. At any rate, I have been taking the last two weeks to enjoy some time off and work on putting my house back together. So far it has been relaxing. No extra stress and NO HOMEWORK. That part is exciting.

However, I am getting stress on all sides about getting a job, not having kids yet. There's all kinds of weird stuff. My parents mostly. The husband doesn't say much. However it's really annoying. I am enjoying the restoration of my sanity with a great deal of pleasure. Between the multiple crises of April coupled with finals the first few days of May, I could use a little time to myself and to the things I have neglected. Jobs will always be there, and I need some time to evaluate what it is that I want to do. I have a job right now that pays the bills, so I can afford to do this, and I see nothing wrong with it.

The only down side with all this relaxing is that I haven't been doing much writing. I have been more worried about getting my house organized in some fashion again and fighting a war with the dust bunnies. I swear they are aliens or some evil, destruct force. They multiply in same fashion as their animal namesake and will use that ability to take over the world.

Okay, so maybe my brain has too much time on its hands now, but I have put it to some use. Though I haven't been putting the fingers to the keyboard, my brain has played with my story. I've been thinking about it and the direction its going almost constantly, and the best part is I don't even do it consciously. I catch myself thinking about it quite often. This is how I know it's a keeper. Even with the gaping holes and the terrible parts right now. It will work out one day.

So I am hoping that I can get the house cleaned this week, get the ceiling painted within the next week or two because that has to be done, and develop a plan to keep my house clean (in some sense). I wish to develop a routine and I am working in that direction.