Sunday, February 27, 2005


I'm not going to get much writing done today. I have homework instead. Two-count them-TWO semester-long projects this go round and they need my attention.

Here in a few weeks, I should be able to get more writing done as my commitment to one of the projects will finish with me participating in the last team that I am required to do. Then I will only have to meet during the times the entire class meets. Hooray!

So I am off to work on my Computer Information Systems Senior Project and my group project for Accounting Information Systems. And I have homework for my environmental geology class for tomorrow. And some homework due on Tuesday and a test on Thursday for my operations management class. Then it will be Spring Break after that, and I am so excited.

I have also been somewhat reluctant to write due to a self-imposed dilemma explained here. I am taking advice and hopefully by Tuesday, my regular writing day, I will make a decision and proceed with glee.

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Holly said...

"Why" is the most important question a writer can know. Figure that out before starting in.