Friday, June 09, 2006

My First Meme

Your Meme assignment is:
1. What did you miss most about AW - JUST ONE THING (yes, I'm evil)
2. What did you do when you were missing your AW fix?
3. What new blogs or sites did you discover as a result of the shutdown?
3a. Did you add a new blog to your blogroll or site to your bookmarks? (share if you'd like to)
4. Where did you comment that you'd never commented before?
5. What was your first post here when you made it back?
6. Didja miss the Meme?

My Meme answers:
1. The people - which in a way includes everything about AW. I love those folks. They make my day.
2. I hung out in the chat. A lot. I visited Roger's forums. I hung out at Making Light and Miss Snark. I checked out blogs from other AWers.
3. I checked out a bunch of blogs from other AWers. Dawno Shwebb MacAllister Rich ChaosTitan
3a. I added all of the above people to my bookmarks and I am sure more AWers will come.
4. Roger's forums I guess. He was such a great guy to house us like that in our time of need
5. I don't remember. *Runs off to look.* I posted in the Really Time to Party thread first.
6. This is my first Meme attempt, and I'm late.

1 comment:

Shwebb said...

You know, if I'd done the meme, it would read just about the same as yours!