Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hey, Folks! Guess What?

The Absolute Write plight has spread all over like fire does out West. Now we've been boing-boinged. I'm not much into this stuff, but from what I gather it's something that will make us noticed all over the place.

Three times now, JC-Hosting has refused to give Jenna her information back. It's like a hostage crisis now. However, AW must move forward, so new forums are being set up with all the recovered cached data. Way to go cache-ers! We are looking to have some new members when we return to our new home. I don't know how many place I have read the following phrase:

"I didn't even know about Absolute Write before, but I am definitely joining now."

Once that fabulous team called the Mod Squad finishes sprucing the place up for us, we will have a nice, new home with some brand new members to welcome!

The down side of all of this is that Jenna Glatzer needs donations. Because of JC-Hosting, Absolute Write is not bringing in that key portion of revenue that helps it sustain itself. If you add in the fact that this is going to be one very legal battle to retrieve our poor information, that's sitting out there all alone in the cold, and Jenna's expenses will be through the roof.

Be sure to donate if you can. I am seriously debating sending the $15 I managed to squirrel away in my checking account. I may wait until tomorrow when I have a good idea as to whether I will be working soon or not.

Dawno has opened a store selling Absolute Write Gear, and I plan to purchase as soon as said job comes in hand. It's just too cool. All proceeds go to AW for the good fight.

Also, if you buy the Street Smart Writer from the little cute button on Dawno's blog, a portion of that sale will go to AW.

It's nice to see everyone band together to do so much good. I have a feeling that not only is Barabara Bauer toast, but so is JC-Hosting and the Top 20 Worst Agents. Speaking of which, I never did post my copy of the Top 20.

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Zonk said...

So this is where you are!

Heard what you did for Shelly. Some may consider it a small thing, a favor such as friends do for one another from time to time.

What you have really done is preserve a memory unique to one mother and her child, a memory thought lost.

It may not be a great thing, nor may it gain you fame, or wealth, or get you published :P.

But is was a good thing.

"It is only great souls that know how much glory there is in being good.