Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Changes to the Blog

I've finally add some of the elements that I want to the blog. I think it looks pretty nice, but I'm not finished yet. I have more stuff to add, and the colors might change before I'm done. I haven't quite decided.

What I really love is the WIP bar. Over there. You see it? That thing is moving slowly but surely, and I'm back to working on my novel. At the same time that I'm working through the
Create a Character Clinic by Holly Lisle. Great stuff that Holly has. I'm also reading Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer by Jenna Glatzer.

I'm also doing some other stuff, so it feel like everything is falling into place, and I'm starting to feel excited about all of it. It's good stuff.


JohnHeart said...

how do you update you wip bar?

TJWriter said...

The code for the WIP bar is one of the HTML/Java page elements, so when I need to update I go to my layout page and edit that page element. At the bottom of my code, if I look closely, is the current number and my goal number. I just update that current number and save.