Thursday, May 25, 2006

Story Creation In Progress - Exercise

I am doing some writing again. Doing some fleshing and messing. My characters are trying to figure out what to do. See below.

  1. Female: Wealthy psychic bard from royalty stock.
  2. Female: Strong-willed motor mouth mage's assistant with no memories.
  3. Male: Small-time thief searching for his wife's true killer.
  4. Female: Pregnant renegade horse trainer with the soul of a mighty warrior.
  5. Female: Cold-hearted paranoid bodyguard with only herself to blame.
  6. Male: War-weary army leader fleeing from a secret government program.


    2: So why are we all here?
    4: I don't know but I don't wanna be.
    6: I can't stay. I have to get outta here.
    5: I should turn you in. It's in my job description.
    2: But who are we? I don't know who I am, but surely you people must know who you are.
    3: I have a mission to complete. My wife is dead, and my daughter missing. I have things to do.
    1: It will all work out in the end, though not in the way you anticipate. However, it will make a lovely story to go with my voice.
    2: Can we at least go around and introduce ourselves?
    4: Fine. Fine. I'm Leja and I'm having a baby. I rebelled against the king because he's a tyrant and I won't train his horses. I am to be brought in if found, but good luck with that.
    2: Well, they tell me my name is Sola, but I have no idea if that's right or not. About two years ago, the mage's found me and I do research for them now.
    3: Ryak.
    2: Anything else you want to add to that?
    3: No.
    5: I'm Selea. Royal guard to her Majesty, the Queen. Is there something moving over there in those bushes?
    1: My name is Erisa.

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-Kelly M. said...

Keep working on those ideas, TJ! It'll happen. Did you ever come up with that "T" name last night? :)

This is chaostitan, by the way, from AW.