Friday, May 26, 2006

Loads of Crap

By now many of you know that Barbara Bauer, one of the 20 Worst Agents, called in and complained about Absolute Write to JC-Hosting, who hosted all Absolute Write sites. Reacting like a chicken with no head, JC-Hosting pulled the plug on AW with only an hour's notice to get all the stuff copied from the server. Needless to say, that all the information did not make it to us. Now that information is sitting like a hostage over there.

It's hard to decide who smacks themselves harder with the Stupid Stick on a daily basis.

Stephanie and JamesC over at
JC-Hosting can't seem to get their stories straight, and Stephanie has even started (or restarted) a competing writing site of her own. I hope that they realize what they have done to their business(es). You just pissed off a very mouthy bunch. We're writers, and it's in our nature to sound off about anything we can.

Barbara Bauer can proudly wear the badge that says, "I screwed myself just like JC-Hosting." Besides being number 3 on the list of 20 Worst Agents, she is loud, but I think that's about it. Given this Barbara Bauer has a PhD, you'd think she could do legitimate things. You have to have something resembling a brain to be up there academically, but there does some to be a correlation between book smarts and street smarts, in my experience. Another case for my point I suppose.

You would think that people would have the sense not to piss where they sleep, but, alas, it's just not true.

What really pisses me off even more than losing the brilliance of AW on a temporary basis is that they ruined
Jenna Glatzer's trip! She's AW's proud owner, and she works her butt off for us. I hope she understands how much she means to us, and we all know that if we can't AW back the way it was, we'll just make it better than ever. You can't bring us down, no matter what.

Just a message to all those who think messing with Absolute Write is a good idea, just remember what has happened to
Barbara Bauer and JC-Hosting. It won't be pretty.

Barbara Baurer
Absolute Write
Jenna Glatzer


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