Saturday, December 29, 2007

Five Weird Things

How do you narrow down the five weirdest things about me?

1) When it gets dark, I put the house on lockdown. All the blinds and curtains are closed, and I can't stand for anyone outside to be able to see inside. It stems from childhood trauma, where I was playing in my room, heard a noise and looked up to see a man staring back at me through the window. I screamed bloody murder, and my dad and a guest went outside to investigate where they found fresh footprints in the mud under my window and my screen removed. Been that way about windows ever since.

2) I used to count how many bites of something I'd take, making sure the number came out even. Er, it's odd I know, but these are weird things about me. Thankfully, having a child cured me of this habit as I no longer have the time to worry about such little things.

3) I have the hardest time taking the last of something because I always worry that someone else wanted it. Applies to just about anything, but mostly food. You know, because we can't go to the store and buy more... I actually believe this has something to do with my dad. He has a hard time dealing with disappointed other people, and I think I am the same way.

4) My favorite breakfast food in the world is something we started making while camping when I was smaller. Butter a bagel and toast it in a skillet, fry an egg overhard, and top with bacon. Add cheese if you desire. Best. Breakfast. Sandwich. Ever. I fixed them this morning because it's been ages since I've had one. Delicious, but not so healthy. Eat sparingly.

5) I potentially have Ankylosing Spondylitis, which my father has. I've been experiencing some serious joint pain lately, and need to exercise more and visit my doctor to discuss. I'm at the typical age of onset. The above link is to Wikipedia, so take with appropriate amount of salt. Skimming it, I already found some information that conflicts with other sources, but the general idea is right.

Hope you enjoyed that! I don't know that I know anyone else to tag, so the buck stops here.


Arachne Jericho said...

I enjoyed. :)

I had a similar freaking creepy experience that you did in #1. Gaaah. People wonder why I check all the windows and doors at night, and why I enjoy living in a house where the main floor is not conveniently located on the first floor.

I think I'm gonna go eat something now because of #4. Heh.

Good luck with your condition. Visit your doc soon.

Have a happy New Year!

Ed Pahule said...

Wow. I'd be freaky about windows if that happened to me too. Since it didn't, I keep my curtains open until I go to bed around 11pm.

Pete said...

My wife and I have that same paranoia about windows. It's why, when we have apartments, we live on at least the second floor. She hates the idea because she has an active imagination. I hate the idea because I used to live on St. Croix, where it happened frequently and you were grateful for the inch-thick steel bars bolted into the cement around your window.

And as for counting the bites...that's so cool. Neurotic, but so! cool!