Thursday, July 19, 2007

Surprisingly Good Shrimp

Yesterday, after getting off from work, I was hungry. I stopped at Dairy Queen for the popcorn shrimp basket. I just wanted the shrimp, but that's what you gotta order. For being a dessert, and sometimes good burger place, the popcorn shrimp is surprisingly good. Not that it really makes a good pre-dinner snack (I didn't even really eat at dinner), but it's good and it hit the spot.

Hump day I got some sleep. I had about as hard a time waking up yesterday as any other day. All warm and snuggled up in the bed. But, alas, this morning Piper thinks we need to wake up at 3:30. So, I fed her another snack, and put some cartoons on. I'm hoping she'll doze back off so I can take a shower.

And this week, of all weeks, the urge to write has returned. I've taken to packing my little notebook in my purse and jotting down notes. It feels good. I have discovered that I don't like to write far out into the future. This story started with a broad overview, and I just jot out the ideas for a few scenes beforehand. When I get too far ahead of myself, I get bored.

And, in book news, Harry Potter comes out Saturday! Right, I know. You've known for ages, but I'm getting all pysched up here, and I can't wait. I'm hoping Piper takes a long nap on Saturday. Fast reading is my specialty. When book six came out, I read the whole thing twice and the ending an extra time in the first 72 hours. After I read seven, I'm going to reread the whole series start to finish. Woohoo!

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Carrie said...

Isn't it bizarre how that urge to write shows up at the MOST inopportune times? I've had a ridiculously busy few weeks... and my MC shows up and announces that a main motivation for some of her actions is that the love of her life DIED and she never thought she'd find love again. I'm like... Whaaaat??? You tell me this NOW??

I'm hoping to re-read the whole HP series again too. :o)