Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Waiting Game

I completed my second interview for that position, and now I’m waiting. Considering the speed with which all other communications have come, it makes me a bit nervous that I haven’t heard anything yet. I’m crossing my fingers that I will hear something today.

In other job search news, a position came open where I work now in the department I interned in, so I applied for that. I don’t know how high to get my hopes up, but I applied, and that’s what counts.

In other unrelated news, I tried to buy a laptop on my Dell Preferred card. It seems my account is still locked down from when I had financial troubles a year ago. My dad keeps encouraging me to call them and ask about it, but I’m leaning towards just buying one outright. I can save enough money in about a month and a half, and it won’t increase the debt load.

Of course, it will decrease the debt payoff because that is where the extra funds will come from. Then there’s always the fact that one of us needs to get an economical car, and I’m thinking my husband will be first because he drives further than I do. But I did some quick pricing and it looks like we can get him something reasonable for about $5,000. Maybe not pretty or sporty or big like he likes, but reasonable for all his damn driving.

In other news, I get DVR on Friday. So the husband and I won’t be fighting over TV. And I haven’t been writing much lately. Considering that I can’t at home due to computer issues that I still have not had time to address, I don’t have a way to do so. So I sneak a bit in here or there and think about it all the time.

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